Protective Wading Boots


  • Gen 2- Bart’s Bay Armor ” Ambushers” are Here at last!

  • Get a pair your normal size for wet wading and a pair 2 sizes larger for your waders in the cool months. AND get your wife some too!

  • Made from state of the art, newly developed, cut and puncture resistant material that is Patent Pending.

  • Protective from the very top to the bottom, even under the sole. The rubberized lower makes the most vulnerable areas even more protective.

  • So comfortable they are revolutionizing wade fishing.

  • Get a pair for summer and a pair a couple sizes larger for wearing with your waders in the cool months.

  • Remember, Nothing is 100 % proof under all situations and conditions so stay alert, be cautious, shuffle your feet and do not handle stingrays.

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Official Ray Pel stingray deterrent with boot clip

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Weight 53.4 oz
Shoe Size

K1 = Kid size 9, K2 =Kid size 10, K3 = Kid size 11, K4 = Kid size 12, Men Size 15, Youth size 1, Youth Size 2, Youth size 3 / Women Size 5, Youth size 4 / Women Size 6, Women Size 11, Women Size 10, Women Size 9, Women Size 8, Women Size 7, Men Size 14, Men Size 13, Men Size 12, Men Size 11, Men Size 10, Men Size 9 / Women Size 11, Men Size 8 / Women size 10, Men Size 7 / Women Size 9, Men Size 6 / Women size 8, Men Size 5 / Women size 7


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